8 Reasons to Advertise Your Website with Instagram

Instagram is among the most robust digital program and social networking networks today, as more than 800 million people use it every month. According to Instagram, all Instagram users united create around 95 million posts and articles each day. Additionally, it shows incredible business opportunities for those brands that wish to get in touch with their target audiences.

8 Reasons to Advertise Your Website with Instagram

Promoting your site through this highly effective social network is only going to bring you benefits. Instagram marketing doesn’t necessarily require paid advertisements. You can gather followers around your business webpage and gain from each day consistent visitors. In today’s article, we’re giving you 9 strong reasons that you should use Instagram to promote your blog. The advantages will show up at various degrees, depending on your site’s niche and on your own campaign’s objective, budget, strategy, and execution. Let us take a look.

1. Instagram’s Popularity Keeps Rising

A recent study shows that 40% of customers react better to visual articles than text content. Considering that Instagram’s famous for the number of graphic articles published, you should find ways to publicize your niche site via the exact same type of content.

Instagram’s popularity is continuously growing, as, in just two years, the giant social network has been able to double its user base. Back in 2016, Instagram was able to have 500 million consumers. In 2018, Instagram’s figures grew to 800 million monthly active visitors, so that’s a significant upgrade in two years.

Your site may benefit from such incredible numbers. Luckily, you’re just one decision away from starting your Instagram promoting journey. It is never late. However, the earlier you start, the more you’ll secure your competitive position.

2. Speak Thousands of Words Through Pictures

You understand that one picture may speak a thousand words, right? Well, large brands understand it also, and they do it today. Most manufacturers are currently on Instagram, showcasing their tales and purpose with the public. Additionally, different visual content can raise various discussion topics and may resolve customers’ diverse needs.

In comparison to text, well, the differences are absolutely massive. The lesson that has to be heard is that strong visuals create participation, incredibly powerful images.

3. Leverage Short and Interesting Videos

This new update made Instagram more popular and has encouraged the average Instagram consumer to post more movies on feed. In 2016, Instagram launched the”Stories” feature, which is quite like Snapchat’s stories.

If your site leverages video content, you have to make the most of Instagram’s unique video sharing features. By way of example, you can post a movie that describes some of your daily published blog articles, which have a text type. This way, you’re gaining additional free traffic daily!

4. Showcase Products, Services, and Behind-the-Scenes Moments

“Instagram’s an Excellent Place to deepen the Present Connection with your followers. Some of these followers will eventually become your clients, so treating them nicely and offering them as many details regarding your brand, products, and services is an excellent way to improve your brand’s exposure and reputation.” — Mark Brandon, CEO at Rush My Essay.

Use behind-the-scene pictures and videos to display the way your organization operates. Give your site reader a feeling that you’re not only a formal thing but instead a group of talented professionals who strive to provide worth to its followers.

5. Hashtags Can Improve Your Brand’s Awareness and Website Traffic

Hashtags are amazingly powerful if they’re used in the right ways. Instagram permits you to use around 30 hashtags, but BufferApp suggests that posts that transcend 11 hashtags will generate the ideal engagement functionality. You can use various #hashtags, just like you would use”tags” on YouTube to describe your own videos.

But that’s not it. You can find #hashtags that are already popular and label your articles according to the most relevant ones.

When you decide to implement hashtag advertising regularly, you’ll slowly improve your brand’s awareness of your traffic. It’s simple; the more numbers you bring back to your site, the more benefits you will receive in the long term.

6. Advanced Advertising Features and Options

Instagram is excited to exhibit case studies demonstrating how their marketing features could generate exponential results for companies and individuals that use it with care. They give every advertiser the ability to measure specific metrics such as awareness, reach, enjoys, followers, comments, and advertising. Measuring your paid campaigns is extremely simple on Instagram, even when you’re not a trustworthy blogger.

7. Your Competition Might Already Be Using It

Did you research what your competition is doing and how they’re promoting their products and services online? How about their content? Can they use videos, pictures, or text? What stations do they leverage the maximum?

If you find out that Instagram’s among your competition’s top priorities, you should definitely look at entering the stage. Pay attention, especially if your intended audience is younger. In comparison to many different networks, Instagram has a very youthful demographic. Leverage it correctly!

8. Instagram is Owned by Facebook

The last reason you need to utilize Instagram to publicize your site is that it is owned by Facebook. What exactly does that do for you as a blog owner? Well, you can rest assured the Instagram will continue to grow in popularity and features. You can be sure that lots of money are currently spent on optimizing the social network, and you can relax, knowing it will continue to become a stable and consistent source of quality and targeted traffic to your blog.

Moreover, since you can probably notice, Facebook is now more than just a social network. It’s a giant company that struggles to gain a competitive advantage in the current digital environment. Stay with all the winners, and you will reap the rewards of the winners.

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