All The Ways You Could Get Rich With WordPress

WordPress was initially created as a content management system. Over the years, it’s been the platform of choice for both sites and eCommerce stores. Nowadays, it powers a significant portion of the internet.

All The Ways You Could Get Rich With WordPress

Smart people worldwide have discovered very creative uses for WordPress, and in the process, are becoming RICH! They’re minting a Lot of money out of their WordPress Site.

All The Ways You Could Get Rich With WordPress

In the following guide, I will discuss all the ways you can use to make WordPress money. Whether you’re a blogger who writes well or a developer with outstanding technical know-how, you can monetize your WordPress associated abilities into real money!

WordPress Consultancy Services

Let us begin with a simple one. If you’re good with WordPress, consider preparing consultancy services for WordPress users. These services may span the full selection of the WordPress ecosystem and user base. For instance, you could advise WordPress users about setting up the ideal theme for their blog.

You must work smart to get the business off the ground. As you are a newcomer to the celebration, you need a customer portfolio to attract new customers. 1 means to do this is to supply free consultancy to influential bloggers. They’d likely take it since it’s totally free, and you’ve got yet another testimonial for your site. You may even charge premium prices with top names on your customer list.

Content Production Services

Good content is vital for the achievement of WordPress sites. Fortunately (for you!), not everybody is good at writing good copy. This is the way you could make good money with your writing abilities.

One way of monetizing your composing skills is to check out WordPress blogs looking for contributors for their website. In several cases, you submit your post to such websites and get paid for this.

You may find a lot of WordPress-related writing jobs on those sites and get compensated for your own efforts.

Develop and Sell Plugins

In case you have used WordPress, you must know that you need to install plugins to expand WordPress functionality. There are hundreds and hundreds of plugins that add a whole lot of features to a WordPress site. For example, a well-known plugin, Yoast SEO, can optimize a WordPress site for SEO purposes. Similarly, Mailchimp is used for email promoting for WordPress sites.

The key for you is to find out a problem WordPress users face and then develop a plugin that solves this issue. The inspiration for brand new plugins can come from the consumers and the functions of other programmers. If you’re seriously into plugin development, create your own website and market plugins directly to the consumers. Or you could make your own website where you can sell your plugin. Another critical source of earnings for plugin developers is freelance work on Odesk and Elance.

Create and Sell Themes

Exactly like plugins, topics are crucial to WordPress websites. Themes impart a specific look and feel to websites and come with a particular set of plugins. Remember that every piece has a goal.

To bring in a living from WordPress themes is to develop pieces that adapt to a specific intent. Be sure your music fits the requirements of a particular group of WordPress users.

There are several examples out there of developers who began designing themes on a tiny scale and transformed their hobby into significant businesses. These people are making millions by merely creating and selling topics, and if you’ve got the ideal skill set, you can do that also.

Presently there are two ways you can sell your WordPress themes. You can offer them via different WordPress theme sites like Themeforest. Or, you may make a website for this use. For a small amount of additional buck, it is possible to take up jobs from clients on a freelance basis.

Setup sites

Setting up sites for customers is one of the simplest methods for earning cash with WordPress. With minimum WordPress experience, you may set up areas for customers and make good money. So how does this work?

Many bloggers wish to use WordPress for their own projects. However, they either lack the skills or time to perform it correctly. Your job is to install WordPress sites for these bloggers and charge them for it. Setting up blogs includes picking appropriate WordPress themes and plugins.

Start a WordPress blog!

Initially, nobody may want to cover you since nobody knows about you! Now that’s not a big problem as it’s possible to construct a profile by offering free WordPress setup services. You should have a website where you market your services to prospective customers. To get a WordPress newcomer, this is a fantastic way to earn money.

Many people use affiliate marketing to make adequate quantities of money from their sites. The challenge is to drive your visitors to buy or use a product or a service. As soon as they make the purchase, you receive a commission.

You have to be very careful when using affiliate links because WordPress simply permits links from legit and respectable sites. Pornography, gambling, or some such links should not be used.

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