How to Increase Readability of Articles for SEO?

Are you aware that readability actually affects the rank of a webpage in search engines like Google? Well, gone are the times people read whatever somebody publishes online. Nowadays, it is possible to find millions of pages that are similar for every search query. With this situation, you want to create your content stick out from the crowd by considering all SEO parts.

Readability and SEO

Below is the content editor in WordPress with the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin is just one of the best SEO choices for WordPress users. It’ll incorporate this meta box in the editor to ensure you are publishing articles with good readability.

There are two essential things from the readability — one is the keyword you are focusing on, and the other is the studying factor. Picking the proper keyword is not the same task, and you can get additional information on this within this article. Contemplating readability, not everyone is using WordPress. Thus, you have to ensure readability before even opening the editor onto your own site. Let us check how it is possible to do this when writing the report. We provide some examples from Microsoft Word as most of the writers use Word to make their documents. Nevertheless, you can follow similar guidelines in almost any word processing program.

Follow the Easy Rules When Writing

There are straightforward rules you can follow to be sure the content is excellent for reading.

1. Use Simple English

Remember, English isn’t the mother tongue of the majority of the folks in the world. Thus, your fluency does not matter in the article; what does matters is whether people can undoubtedly understand without searching for a dictionary to seek the meaning of the words you’ve used. Make sure to use easy and ordinary words.

2. Do Spelling Check

The latest Word versions will show you details of each mistake on your documents. For example, when you write”each, “Word will advise you to change to”each” or”each.” After completing the article, go to”Review > Spelling & Grammar” choice and verify the content thoroughly.

3. Use Active Voice

Always attempt to write indirect modes, like the way you speak to other people. Instead of writing,” the article is published” in passive mode, write like”I dynamically printed this post.” Word will show all of the passive voices used in the record. You have to correct those sentences to direct active sentences.

4. Control Sentence Length

The fantastic sentence length is up to 20 words to ensure that the reader can concentrate on the paragraph. Lengthy sentences like paragraphs will impact the concentration of the users. Similarly, break up the sections with a couple of sentences, not over 300 words in total.

5. Use Heading and Sub-headings

Search engine and individual needs to be aware of the critical portion of your essay. You can use H1 to H6 headings to distinguish the introduction to finish components with various levels. This can help structure the material and add more value to each section.

Measuring the Readability of an Article

As soon as you’ve written an article, you can check the readability data in Microsoft Word. The first step would be to perform spelling and grammar check under”Review > Spelling & Grammar.”

Once you have reviewed all of the mistakes, you can find the verification prompt in Word, showing this check’s completion. However, you can enable readability data to acquire more details.

How to Allow Readability Statistics in Word?

Open the Word file you want to test and follow the below instructions:

  • Navigate to the “Document” tab and start”Alternatives”.
  • Click the “Proofing” section and search under the “When correcting grammar and punctuation in Word” section.
    Check the box, which shows”Show readability statistics.”

Ensure to select passive sentences and other vital options to get more details during a malfunctioning check.

  • Click “Spelling & Grammar” option under”Review” tab
  • Word will reveal if any errors in your own document.
  • After the conclusion of this review, you can get the detailed readability data instead of a simple confirmation box.

You can get the data on your document under three headings:

1. Counts

It will show you the count of pages, words, characters, and paragraphs. Even though there is no limit for the content length, it is good practice to have at least 600 words so that readers can have great stuff on your page.

2. Averages

You can get average sentences per paragraph, words per sentence, and characters per name. Ensure to keep the average sentence length with less than 20 comments and not more than 10 sentences per paragraph.

3. Readability

This section will show that the percentage of passive sentences that you can attempt to make to 0. Your content is also considered readable with the Flesch Reading Ease score of 60% and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of 7.

It does not end with great content that has a good readability score. When publishing articles on the internet, you will need to bring the following stuff to ensure users can get around your site.

  • Add hyperlinks to help users navigating in and from your site. In the SEO world, the pages without any connection are dead pages. So ensure to have leading links to other popular webpages on your site. You can also give references and link quality sites on your own article.
  • Give different colors for links — this will help to have visual identification of hyperlinks.
  • Use web-safe fonts — use font size and household that suits your site layout and make the material readable.
    Use call to activity — when you have important content, ensure to spend the box and highlight with bright colors. Typically, users will click on the attractive part that stands out.

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