How to Rank Fiverr Gig

Selling any service on Fiverr is very cutthroat in the present time as lots of service providers are selling their expertise there and also getting a fair amount of buyers. All freelancers know very well that Gig ranking is the most critical factor in Fiverr.

How to Rank Fiverr Gig

If you put a gig and luckily, it gets rank on the first page, which means you will be getting lots of impressions, views, and clicks and eventually results in getting orders.

Factors that matter in Gig Ranking

There is more than one factor that matters in gig ranking. For example, if we compare the Google search engine with Fiverr, there are many improvements required to rank Fiverr gigs internally. If you are a beginner, let me show you some tips to help you get your gig ranked.

  1. Keywords in description:

If your gig doesn’t have proper keywords, that for sure, your gig would not appear in the search engine. The service you are going to provide should be used as the keyword in the description.

  1. Title:

The gig’s title should not be in a casual style; you have little words to explain what service you are offering. Keywords should be used in capital letters.

  1. Tags:

The tags are the most important factor as these tags can simply let your gig appear in the search engine. Try to find all those relevant words that the employer can use to search for the service.

  1. Video Gig:

Video gig is considered the best strategy to attract employers. The Fiverr authorities consider those freelancers serious with the Fiverr hustle if you have uploaded Video Gig.

  1. Gig Views:

Promote your gig on social media so that the impression, views, or clicks can increase. And it will help you out in ranking your gig on the top pages.

  1. Stay Online

There is a strong connection between staying online and getting your gig ranked. Freelancers that stay online will get higher ranked gigs; it’s in the Fiverr algorithm. This can give you benefit if you are new to Fiverr.

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