On-Page SEO Techniques

Many people are getting in the field of blogging, and some are running their website, and they don’t know about SEO and how to implement it to their sites or blogs. It’s a Search Engine Optimization that helps you rank the website or blog as high as you work correctly on SERPs (engine result search pages).

On-Page SEO Techniques

As the content is highly ranked on Google or any other search engine, the more traffic will be landed on your site.

SEO is divided into two categories; ON-Page and OFF-Page SEO. In this article, we are going to discuss ON-Page SEO only. By definition, On-page SEO connects with all the stuff you can do ON your website or blog.

This On-page SEO can help you out in ranking higher your;

Page title

Your title tag should be closer to the keyword; it will get good weight in the search engine. You should also add modifiers like “best,””2018”, “review” for long-tail keyword versions.

Meta description

A good description can help your content stand out in Google search engine.

Meta tags

Nowadays the Meta tags are essential; you can add them in the form of keywords.

URL structure

The short URL ranks better in the Google search engine as compared to the long ugly URL. So try to make your URL short and keyword-rich.

Body tags

Break up your content using headings; H1, H2, and H3 should be used in the range.

Keyword density

The relevant keywords should be 2-5% of the content written to get ranked better. Don’t try to add more and more keywords, as Google may ban your website.

Image SEO

The images should also have the keywords, which means the keywords should be a part of the photos.

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